Red Rocks weekend, October 2023

Alex and me :)

When the Jake calls lookin for a partner, the smart money books a plane ticket. In this case, for a quick weekend trip to Red Rocks. Let’s Go!!!

The Jake


Me Looking just like Jake

Looking down Big Bad Wolf

Looking down Big Bad Wolf

Angel #1. Size ranges from 26mm to 100mm.

We got a chance to meet Matteo and Leonardo from Angel AC and checkout their new Angel camming units. Pretty slick! Angel AC Camming Units Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Angel AC. I have purchased my own #1 and will be trying it out soon. For an independent review see @HowNOT2’s video: @HowNOT2


Enjoying the view!

Gearing up for a token trad line.

Jake rapelling

Jake rappelling


About as close to sending El Sendero Luminoso as I’ll ever get. Super Alex letting me get a pic!